Brianna Loren Pomo

I’ve always been an outspoken slightly-obnoxious person. My mouth has a vendetta for my demise; it seems to be great at getting me in trouble yet I welcome the tension. I am a dreamer and an initiator, I value my mind enough to actually invest in it with tenacious exertion. Without a doubt, I am a madwoman but I wear my crazy on the outside so you don’t have to take much time or mental deciphering to figure that out. I don’t accept boring, and I promise you I won’t broadcast anything short of a head bending eyebrow-raising WTF.

I’ve managed to make my way to the City of Angels, currently living in Silverlake and advocating my hipster lifestyle amongst the capital of hipsters. I live here with my stuffed-dog Max as a PR student and vocal secessionist. I sing in as well as outside of the shower and I talk way more than anyone is willing to listen. I am constantly doing stupid stuff in incredible style. Born with a rebellious personality disorder, blindly taking orders without question is not something I am biologically capable of doing. Certain of who I am, staying true to myself and standing out like a homeless man in Chuck-E-Cheese is my personal goal in life. I may come off in an abrasive manner but in truth I project positive energy to any and all. I am a deeply intellectual, spiritual and compassionate being. I hope you enjoy getting to know me virtually, thank you for exploring my blog and welcome to my zoo. Xx – Bree

If you’d like to check out my personal music  you can find it here:



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